domingo, 5 de junio de 2011

Long time without any update!

Pamela is alright, of course, his health is much better and will soon have news of her.
Now, two new integrants (Cats) in the family.

Blitz, the first in come, has five months and is really hiperactive, in the night nobody can sleep. He don't have a story, came to home because his owner returned to her country and the family don't wanna care the cat. Well...the old owner had named the kitten "Nina" like a girl, but... lol

Now she...well, she's pregnant, one month more and I'll have kittens running for everywhere, the name is Mumy (Really original, isn it?) is an angel, really calm and sweet, but she don't want to my others cats, oh no. In any case she's part of the family now. His story  begin on may 23 when she saw Pamela, climbed to a tree until  May 25, after that day I don't saw her anymore, till  May 30  that is when she came home. My poor little girl...

Here a photos of they and Pamela.



 The queen

   Well...she doesn't have much of a queen here, don't you?

A little golden dreaming

Have a nice sunday

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  1. Cute pictures! New kittens are always fun - don't forget to post lots of pictures!