viernes, 11 de febrero de 2011

Here again!

Hello friends, here I am resuming the road. I have many things to tell.
Well, first. A month ago, I had a horrible Hot Spot in my face, really annoying! I had to take many pills, because none of the prescribed  cured me. Here a photo of my face...

Was worse, I need to say. But my family finally found the right pills and in few days I felt much better.

Days later. I felt really bad the past week. Saturday morning, I vomited a white foam, I thought it was for hungry...
...Afternoon, the same...I vomited, but now was yellow. My mom gave me something for my stomach, but I feeling very bad.
In the dawn on Sunday, I started to do a mucus intestinal...It hurt a lot the abdomen.
Sunday morning, I felt worse. Not food, Not water. Did not even want to play with my favorite toy!
My family was very worried, so they took me to the vet.
They gave me two injections:  Antibiotic and Anti-inflammatory. I felt a terrible relief after fifteen minutes. The vet said that was a gastroenteritis.
When I got home, I took much water! And I had hungry a lot!

Today: I continue with the same problem...but something better that  the sunday. Today my mommy had to prick me. Again: Antibiotic and anti-inflammatory. I hope soon I feeling better and I can eat what I like more again!

In my free  time, I go with the kitten to walk.

My sister gave me two beautiful stuffed animal as a gift for my very good behavior. And I am very happy!!


Wish me luck!
Have a good weekend and take care!

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  1. Pamela!
    No es divertido enfermarse, verdad?
    Tengo mis patitas cruzadas por ti esperando te sientas mejor muy pronto!
    Cuidate mucho!